Card Sorting Workshop 2

Post by Joy Smith Last week we held a lunch and learn in partnership with Boltmade where Yang Chen, talented User Experience designer, taught us how to conduct a card sorting workshop. If you've never heard of card sorting before, it is a powerful and intuitive research tool that helps you design a product, such as a website or app, in a way that makes sense to your users. Card sorting helps the user experience

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Join our VRAR Network

Post by Joy Smith You can't talk about potentially disruptive technologies without including augmented and virtual reality in the conversation. These technologies could not only redefine how and where we work, but could impact the very nature  of the work we do. With various headsets hitting the market over the new few months, the buzz around these technologies is at a fever pitch. In fact, our bi-monthly meet-ups are seeing an ever growing number of

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Amy Blog 2

Guest post by REAPster Amy Debbane As a student in the Global Business and Digital Arts program at the University of Waterloo, I am always looking for opportunity to learn various technologies, and mashing them up in new and interesting ways. This is why I was extremely excited when my friend and classmate Filip Jadczak shared with me his experience working as a REAPster with REAP. When I learned that I would be paid to

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Jeff Brum

Post by Joy Smith You wouldn't expect this to be the main piece of advice given by the very people of Mechdyne Corporation -  a company built first on a passion for technology. But this was the key take-away offered by Jeff Brum, a Technical Sales Consultant with the company. Mechdyne, an international hardware and software company with a focus on integrating emerging technologies has always been a company of technology leaders. Being the first

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Michelle Cropped

Guest post by Michelle Gordon My name is Michelle Gordon and I’m a third year co-op student in the Environment and Resource Studies program at the University of Waterloo. This is the story of how REAP research sprints are helping me develop my skills to pursue my interest in design and visual communications. REAP has some fascinating lunch and learn sessions, and I made the habit of attending them whenever I was able. In September,

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Post by Joy Smith *PHOTO: MATT BORLAND – JOHN MARTENS, FOREMAN AT THE STEED & EVANS HEIDELBERG GRAVEL PIT An exciting project has been in development for several weeks now at the Felt Lab and around St. Jacobs. While we have shared some fun pictures of the developing project on our Instagram account, we are finally able to talk about the project in more detail. The Felt Lab recently partnered with Inter Arts Matrix, a local

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Guest post by REAPster John Meade Digifest is an annual digital festival held in Toronto designed to showcase groundbreaking creations in the digital space in order to spur on innovation in digital media, art, design and technology. This year REAP sponsored three of our REAPsters to present their own project and to make connections among industry, academics and the public. John Meade, a long time REAPster shares his experience below: After experiencing the 2015 Toronto

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Lindor VR L&L

To many, the words "virtual reality" are just buzz words. A concept. Yet for content creators with an eye to the future, it is the new world of possibilities and unique challenges that they need to learn how to overcome. And soon. With HTC's Vive set to release in time for this holiday season at the end of 2015, and the Oculus Rift scheduled to be released commercially in early 2016, virtual reality is poised

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Guest Post by Filip Jadczak Filip Jadczak here, back again to share my experiences in my newest sprint here at the Felt Lab. This time I’ve been testing out a brand new piece of technology we’ve got here in the lab: the Meta 1. The Meta is a set of augmented reality glasses -- that is, they provide a layer of digital information on top of the real world. Unlike the Oculus Rift, which focuses on

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Filip Tile Wall

Guest post by Filip Jadczak. My name is Filip Jadczak, and this has been my first term working with REAP. I am a student at the University of Waterloo in the Global Business and Digital Arts program, so naturally the work I do in my classes fits in well with what is going on at REAP. I originally heard about the opportunities at the Felt Lab through another student in my program, so once things

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