Post by Joy Smith It's that time of year again. The leaves are changing and the sound of school bells ring in the air. Which means that the Felt Lab is reopen and once again holding our popular Lunch and Learns! This past Friday was our first lunch and learn of the new school year, and we were happy to welcome Robert Weeks, CEO of FiNUVO. Robert joined us to talk about hydrographic printing and

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Post by Joy Smith *PHOTO: MATT BORLAND – JOHN MARTENS, FOREMAN AT THE STEED & EVANS HEIDELBERG GRAVEL PIT An exciting project has been in development for several weeks now at the Felt Lab and around St. Jacobs. While we have shared some fun pictures of the developing project on our Instagram account, we are finally able to talk about the project in more detail. The Felt Lab recently partnered with Inter Arts Matrix, a local

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Post by Joy Smith Traditionally, the word "entrepreneur" evokes the image of a visionary leader who valiantly leads society towards a previously unimagined brighter future. However, most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that the reality is very different, and the recent development of new models of entrepreneurship are evidence of this. Ideas like platform entrepreneurship and co-creation are rapidly growing in popularity, and there are many reasons why: less risk, more reward, higher engagement, and increased

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